For travel-savvy couples, there’s nothing better than the excitement of the open road. Log some quality time together and achieve all your adventurous #relationshipgoals with a couple road trip for.

We’ve made this list of the best couple road trip ideas in the US to help you pick the perfect route. The USA is the classic country for an epic drive. It boasts marvelous landscapes, wide open roads, and, very importantly, cheap gasoline. Here are 10 routes to get you started.  

pacific coast road trip

1. Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most scenic drives in the world, and is first on our couple road trip list. Follow it from San Francisco to San Diego . to enjoy unobstructed views of picturesque landscapes and the Pacific Ocean. You will find plenty of places to watch romantic sunsets along the way.

Some particularly noteworthy stops include Big Sur, Monterey Bay and Morro Bay State Park. When you get to Big Sur, relax and soak up the scenery. Then check out, outdoor activities tailor made for couples in Monterey, including sailing, biking, exploring beaches and discovering lookout points.

In Morro Bay State Park, explore trails and look out for the local butterflies and hummingbirds.

glaciar national park trip

2. San Francisco to Yosemite National Park

San Francisco is the starting point of yet another one of the great romantic road trips. This one leads you to Yosemite, a national park with gorgeous landscapes, high mountains, steep cliffs, giant sequoia trees and waterfalls.

Make a stop in Livermore to pick a bottle of wine to drink at your favorite lookout point. Enjoy a tour of Hetch Hetchy, a secret spot in the national park’s northwest corner.

smoky mountains driving

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Springtime in the Great Smoky Mountains is vibrant and romantic, which makes it perfect for a couple road trip. Flowery expanses stretch as far as the eye can see, while mountains shrouded in mist dominate the skyline. Take a hike or ride a horse to discover wonderful landscapes, or take a ride on the Gatlinburg Sky Lift.

Lifts designed for two take you to Mount Crockett, where you can take in the marvelous vistas. If you don’t mind going even higher, hot air ballooning is another great activity to share with your partner.

beartooth road

4. Beartooth Highway

Running through Wyoming and Montana, the Beartooth Highway is a great road trip for adventurous couples. It meanders through forested expanses dominated by glacial mountains.

Expect many switchbacks and steep ascents as you take in the majestic scenery of “the most beautiful US drive.” For a different perspective on the rugged countryside, take a raft in Red Lodge. The highway  ends at the entrance to Yellowstone National Park, where a new stage of your road trip begins.

glaciar national park trip

5. Glacier National Park

Spend time connecting with your partner in Glacier National Park in Montana. Follow the road to discover secluded paths through stunningly-beautiful landscapes.

Traverse tundra, prairies and meadows brimming with flowers in spring. Take trails leading to waterfalls, which are the most impressive in spring and early summer.

Be sure to take a photo together with emerald lakes and mountains covered with snow in the background, and then take in the spectacular vistas while the sun sets.

new england road trip

6. Classic New England Drive

A scenic drive along the coastline of New England is sure to spark romance . Make an occasional stop along the way to take a boat ride, check out charming lighthouses and explore the rugged coastline.

Once you reach Portland, turn inland to reach White Mountain National Forest. There, you will feel like the only people the world as you hike  past forests, mountains, lakes and streams.

grand canyon road trip

7. Phoenix to Grand Canyon

This road trip is all about romantic locales, wine and stunning sunsets. Spend some time in the countryside of Phoenix to experience fantastic sunsets in a magnificent environment. Choose your favorite wine in Verde Valley.

On your way to the Grand Canyon, make a stop in the shadows of the red rocks of Sedona. Once you arrive at the Grand Canyon, head to the North Rim to spend some time on your own.

alaska road trip

8. Alaska Adventure

A road trip through Alaska promises views of distant mountains, contrasting landscapes and remarkable scenery regardless of the season. Take the Seaward Highway for amazing views of the Turnagain Arm.

In summer, fairy-tale views of snow-capped mountain peaks tower behind lush greenery. In Denali National Park, take a bike ride to connect with your partner in a spectacular natural environment.


9. The Maui Experience

A drive from Paia to Hana will take you past waterfalls, rainforests, colorful beaches and a picturesque coastline. Head south from Paia on Road 37 and then turn left on Road 31). You can prolong the road trip with an excursion to Mount Haleakala, where you should stop to enjoy an awe-inspiring sunset.

The black-sand beaches and caves of Waianapanana State Park are also along this route.

overseas highway

10. Overseas Highway

A drive along the Overseas Highway, running from Miami to Key West, is a journey through vast expanses of water. Views encompassing different shades of blue stretch as far as the eye can see.

The scenic ride takes you near pristine forests and an underwater reserve with beautiful marine life. While wandering the idyllic countryside, you may even spot wild orchids, scarlet ibises and pelicans.