Where to Find Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes 

If you’re like most globetrotters, then you understand the value of wrinkle free travel clothes.

(Maybe you even already have a travel clothing rack). Wrinkled or crumpled clothes can ruin an otherwise great vacation. Furthermore, they can  create a bad impression at an important conference.

Fortunately, you can get wrinkle free travel clothes. However, they can be difficult to find. This is especially true if you’re looking for a particular style or niche, like business-casual, activewear, or formal.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of stylish labels that produce wrinkle-resistant apparel.


1. Anatomie

Anatomie’s wrinkle free travel pants are some of the best on the market, and they produce several wrinkle-resistant tees and dresses, too. These clothes can be worn in almost any setting, including urban tours, long hikes, business conferences, and long rides from the airport to the hotel. They are also quite comfortable and are great for long stays at hotels and resorts.

Although more expensive compared to other travel apparel, Anatomie’s travel pants are stylish, functional, and very fashionable. They are particularly suitable for conventions, business meetings, and important events. 

See Anatomie’s catalog here.

2. Lou & Grey

Lou & Grey is known for their summer and beach-style clothes. From summer dresses to soft silky tees, this brand offers plenty of options for people who like to visit warm, sunny places. 

But if you’re looking for wrinkle free travel clothes, see Lou & Grey’s expansive line of soft, wrinkle-resistant tees. These tees are particularly useful for both air travel and walks on the beach. They are also designed to be loose, versatile, and most importantly, cool

Lou & Grey tees can also safely be stored inside a suitcase without  becoming wrinkled. Just roll them up tightly in a secure corner of the suitcase, and they will be ready when you need to wear them.

See their catalog here.

3. J.Crew 

J.Crew produces a variety of wrinkle free cashmere sweaters, perfect for people who frequently travel by air and visit cool places. These special travel cashmere sweaters are soft, comfortable, and made from high quality materials. As long as the cashmere material is not crumpled or stuffed inside a suitcase, it will always be ready-to-wear and wrinkle free. 

J.Crew also offers several other types of clothing such as cardigans, men’s sweaters and business casual pieces for women, but not all are wrinkle-resistant nor meant for traveling.

The only downside is that J.Crew clothes tend to be expensive, but they are well worth the investment. Their wrinkle free cashmere clothes are not just cozy: they can be worn in practically any setting. 

See their catalog here.

4. Athleta

Athleta offers a wide variety of travel pants and convenient-to-wear dresses. Although Athleta produces plenty of other travel clothes, their travel pants are some of the best on the market. 

Not only are most of Athleta’s travel pants wrinkle-resistant, they are also light, functional, and quick-drying. They are also easy to wash, and store away. You can store them safely in a suitable large travel bag or suitcase and not have to worry about wrinkles.

Athleta’s wrinkle free apparel is ideal for long flights, sightseeing, and light jogging. You can wear them for almost an entire day and not have to worry about wrinkles. They can even be worn at outdoor parties and other similar events.

Athleta also produces plenty of wrinkle free travel clothes, and these are worth considering if you want a complete set. 

See Athleta’s catalog here.

5. Sympli

Sympli is a Canadian brand that creates durable wrinkle free travel clothes. Their clothes are usually made of heavy fabrics, but despite their weight they are some of the best anti-wrinkle travel clothes around. Not only are they tough and wrinkle-resistant, they are also beautiful. 

Sympli offers a wide selection of wrinkle-resistant tees, dresses, cardigans, skirts, smocks, tops, tunics, sweaters, and more. Many of these clothes come in dark colors and are sewn in ways that enhance their elegance and subtle appeal.

The only problem is that Sympli’s wrinkle-free clothes are usually difficult to wash because of the tough materials. Despite these issues, they remain a favorite among travelers, particularly those who enjoy extended vacations that require warm, durable, and wrinkle free clothes. 

Check out Sympli’s products.